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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction: assemble a food chain
Sneak Peek-Chain ReactionThe order that animals feed on other plants and animals is called a food chain.

Do you think you can put a food chain together?

Click below to give it a try and learn why every animal within a food chain is so important.

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What is bioaccumulation?

Bioaccumulation in the north. A northern food chain including a polar bear, ringed seal, arctic cod, shrimp and algae.Bioaccumulation is the increase in concentration of a substance in living organisms as they take in contaminated air, water, or food.

As bigger animals eat smaller animals, the level of contamination in the food is added to the level of contamination already in their body.

Bioaccumulation is a problem in the north because of higher concentrations of toxic pollution.

Also, northern animals have a lot of fat to keep them warm, toxins accumulate mostly in fat

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