Adventure Play

Unstructured play – where children follow their own instincts, ideas, and interests without an imposed purpose or outcome – is recognized as a child’s right and a critical component to their health and well-being.

POP-UP Adventure Playgrounds

Our POP-UP Adventure Playgrounds provide opportunities for children to engage in outdoor, unstructured play using natural and upcycled loose parts (think leaves, sticks, snow, cardboard boxes, fabric, pots and pans). Our POP-UP Adventure Playgrounds are a simple way to animate spaces with enriched, creative, and social play opportunities for children.

We have hosted over 100 POP-UP Adventure Playgrounds across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) as well as with partners in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Our POP-UPs are staffed by trained playworkers who support and supervise the play. They are suited for schools, daycares, community centres, and more! The cost varies according to the number of children, duration, location, and extras.

Training in playwork

We also offer training in playwork and work with communities to bring adventure play to community spaces. This training allows partnership organizations to enrich and enhance provision for play.