Earth Flag Update:

The new Earth Flag is ready and it’s beautiful!

Created using flag swatches sent to us from schools and communities across Canada, alongside digital signatures from those who contributed electronically, the new Earth Flag measures 30 x 50
feet in size and features original artwork by renowned Canadian artist Charles Pachter. It includes signatures from Al Gore, Robert Bateman, Elizabeth May and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! The Earth Flag will officially debut at noon on April 15, at the 2016 Green Living Show in Toronto, and will be at the show all weekend for people to see up close. EcoKids is giving away FREE tickets (general admission) to the first 50 people who send us an email at – write to us now to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity! Kids 12 and under are free.

If you can’t make it to the Green Living show, not to worry! We will also be sharing an electronic version of the Earth Flag on this month.


We were overwhelmed by the diversity and creativity of the flag swatches we received from volunteers, schools, universities, corporations, municipalities, government officials and organizations – ranging from bejeweled cotton to painted canvas! The wide variety of shapes and fabrics we received made it challenging to physically sew the flag together, so over the past few months, Earth Day Canada’s Earth Flag team has been working to carefully photograph every flag swatch so that they can be incorporated into a curated flag that will be printed onto one giant piece of fabric. The Earth Flag’s artistic design was created by world-renowned Canadian contemporary artist, Charles Pachter, and includes signatures from Al Gore, Robert Bateman, Elizabeth May and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! Unfortunately, the French Government has cancelled all public events scheduled during COP21 in Paris, including the climate marches. We are still eager to share the 2015 Earth Flag and we’ve found a new venue at the 2016 Green Living Show in Toronto.


Once again, Earth Day Canada thanks our partners, sponsors, and everyone across the country that submitted a flag, signed at an event or added their signature online. “Signing your name on the Earth Flag shows that you and the other students are united and working together to make the environment better,” say representatives from the Eco Ambassadors Club at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School in Milton. “Our flag is a symbolic statement of our commitment and dedication to achieving our goals. [We] hope that our flag demonstrates our hopes, wishes and goals to younger students, as well as, future generations.”

Stay tuned for more details and the official unveil!


In 1992, our original Earth Flag campaign collected 500,000 signatures on swatches of fabric and the mosaic flag traveled to the Earth Summit in Rio, when the first international agreement on climate change was signed. In 2015, Earth Day Canada’s goal is to collect one million signatures for the new Earth Flag that will be sent to Paris in December for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

EcoKids is inviting schools to submit their own piece of the 2015 Earth Flag Campaign! Check out this quick video that captures our first Earth Flag campaign in 1992. Engage your school community and collect signatures this fall!

How can my school contribute to the 2015 Earth Flag?

Design your piece of the Earth Flag

We are asking schools to obtain a 1 meter by 1 meter piece of fabric (preferably hemp, bamboo, organic cotton) to be incorporated into the Earth Flag.

Think about how you want to represent your school community on your piece of the flag. Incorporate symbols, slogans and pledges to make your piece of the Earth Flag unique and meaningful.

Be creative! What themes are important to your school and local community? Encourage student involvement in the making of your piece of the flag.

Launch your Earth Flag Campaign 

Share Earth Day Canada’s Earth Flag videos, like this one from Hannah Alper, to inspire your school community to participate in this historic event.

Get signing!

Collect signatures for the Earth Flag until early October.

Incorporate signing opportunities into existing school activities, such as staff meetings, parent nights, sporting events, open houses and assemblies. Invite members of the wider school community to take part through newsletters and your school website.

Send us your piece of the Earth Flag by October 22, 2015.

When your signing campaign has wrapped up, complete the 2015 Earth Flag submission form. Send the submission form and your piece of the Earth Flag to:

2015 Earth Flag Campaign
276 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 2M2