We use a lot of batteries every year – but when batteries are not disposed of correctly, the hazardous materials inside of them (like lead, mercury, and cadmium) can get into the water, land and air. These toxic metals can be harmful to humans and wildlife.

By recycling single-use batteries instead of throwing them away, you can reduce pollution and also help save resources. Used batteries can be a good source of base metals and through recycling programs, dead batteries can be turned into pots and pans, steel for stainless steel products (like golf clubs or fridges), or even new batteries! This reduces the need to mine for new materials.

You can help reduce the amount of the batteries that end up in a landfill by starting to collect batteries at your home or school. You can prepare a box for battery collection and invite friends, family and classmates to bring in old batteries to be recycled.

Want to learn more about batteries and the importance of battery recycling? Check out the videos below featuring Paddy the Beaver!

Episode 1: Tools Need Batteries

Episode 2: What is a Battery?

Episode 3: The Big Pile

Episode 4: Battery Hero Revealed!

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