Each year, Canadians throw out millions of tons of food that could still be eaten. That is a lot of food! Even when we compost food waste there are still some negative impacts. Resources like water and energy are used to grow and transport food. Food waste is often buried and causes methane gas emissions, one of the biggest greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.

Less food waste will save a lot of energy!
• Save millions of litres of water used to grow food.
• Save energy that is needed to produce and transport food.
• Decrease the methane caused by food rotting in landfills.

Here are some tips to limit food waste:
• A lot of food gets wasted simply because we forget about it. Try checking the back of the fridge next time you want a snack to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
• Check expiry or “best before” dates on foods and try and eat it before the date listed.
• Food spoils in the fridge when the temperature is always changing, try keeping the fridge door open for as short a time as possible when looking for food.

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