Reduce waste and grow local plants in a biodegradable planter that you create yourself!
You will need:

    – Toilet paper tube
    – Potting Soil
    – Seeds (preferably from plants that are local to your region)
    – Safety Scissors
    – Crayons or markers
    – Water

What to do:

    1. Cut your toilet paper tube in half to make two shorter tubes.
    2.  Flattened the tubes and then fold them in half lengthwise.
    3. When opened, each tube should now be a square shape. Make cuts about halfway into the tube on all four corners of one end.
    4. The four sides should then be folded in and closed like a box.
    5. Repeat this process with the second tube.
    6. Decorate your planters.
    7. Fill each planter halfway with potting soil.
    8. Take 1 or 2 seeds, place them into their planter and push the seeds down into the soil.
    9. Fill the remaining space in each planter with potting soil.
    10. Lightly water your seeds.

Make sure that you planters are watered frequently and place them in a sunny location. When your plants have sprouted, plant the entire planter in a larger pot or in an outdoor garden.