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Build a Mud Kitchen

A mud kitchen creates a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about nature – and having a dedicated play space is a great motivator to get outside. Mud kitchens can stimulate exciting, creative activity, or offer a serene, meditative space to engage your child in deep imaginative play.

Want to learn more about mud kitchens and how to build one? Watch this video!


It can be created in a backyard or even a balcony or deck space.


It can be created in a defined area away from more active play areas. This more intimate space can allow for access to natural elements and a wash station area for quick clean-up.

Green Spaces

In parks or other public green areas where communities can come together.

The Benefits of Mud Play

Giving children the freedom and space to explore their natural surroundings and play as they choose – mixing magical potions or baking mud pies – has endless benefits.


Dirt can keep you healthy

  • Exposure to healthy organisms in clean soil can strengthen the immune system.
  • Soil bacteria can stimulate the body’s production of serotonin (the good mood hormone).

Developing independence

  • Giving children the freedom to explore and create on their own terms, in a space that’s just for them, develops their sense of agency and helps them learn how to be happily alone.

Building creative skills

  • The tactile space of a mud kitchen gives children the opportunity to play freely while stimulating all of their senses.
  • Mixing, making and building with raw materials (dirt, water, plants, etc.) allows children to observe how different elements behave and how they can be transformed, stimulating creative thinking and innovation.

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JULY 15, 2014