Making Toronto Fun & Accessible for Children & Youth

My City Too is an initiative by EcoKids and 8 80 Cities to develop a strategy that advances outdoor free play and independent mobility for children across the City of Toronto.

According to UNICEF’s

Index of Child and Youth Well-being and Sustainability

Canada ranks 25th out of 41 countries in overall child and youth well-being. When children are asked to report on their own personal sense of well-being, Canada ranks 29th. UNICEF has developed the child-friendly city framework to support municipalities to improve child and youth well-being.

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According to UNICEF, lack of child-led, outdoor play and independent mobility contribute significantly to these rankings. My City Too is working to support the City of Toronto in becoming a child-friendly city through increasing outdoor free play and independent mobility options for children and youth. Over the course of 2019, both organizations will convene Toronto families and children, municipal leaders, and child advocates to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges in providing children with access to outdoor free play and independent mobility. These conversations will inform a strategy for Toronto to establish itself as a child-friendly city that actively supports outdoor free play and independent mobility.

My City Too Report

We reviewed academic studies and policy documents from around the world, interviewed international experts and leaders in the field, spoke with parents, caregivers, children, and advocates to learn about existing barriers in Toronto and best practices to address them. We also convened with municipal initiatives, non-profit organizations, and private enterprises. We worked in this space to identify the resources and assets we can build on to make Toronto a more child-friendly city.

Check out our report to learn more about our findings and recommendations.

My City Too worked closely with the City of Toronto’s Child-Friendly TO initiative.
Check out our joint statement here.

My City Too was generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation with advisory support from
UNICEF Canada and Green Communities Canada.

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