Battery Recycling Resource Package

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite battery resources into a curated package that offers a wide range of options for you to explore new ideas. Many of these resources are available within other areas of but can really help to enrich and deepen learning when used together. Enjoy!

Learning Activities

Great resources focused on grades 4 to 8 introducing ideas about waste reduction and responsible battery recycling.

battery icon Battery Basics

battery icon Explore the electric power of a battery

battery icon Battery impact on the environment

battery icon Battery Hero

battery icon Where do batteries come from?

 Resources for EcoKids

bob+PTake Action! Recycle your batteries!  Check out these excellent battery resources for kids including four Kidoons webisodes that feature Paddy the Beaver and the winning Battery Hero Art Contest character, Battery Bob.

Learn about batteries and how kids can take action!
Battery Busters Home Battery Audit

These resources were developed with generous support from: