Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties?Neutral_male_shadow_small
If you are having technical difficulties, please contact us at ecokids@earthday.ca or call us at 416-599-1991 (in Toronto) or 1-888-283-2784.

How often do you offer contests?
EcoKids can offer some contests throughout the year. Check back frequently to learn more.

What age group is EcoKids material appropriate for?
Our materials have been developed for elementary school children aged seven to 12. However, our material is adaptable for older or younger age groups.

Can I reproduce and distribute EcoKids website material?
All EcoKids content is copyrighted and owned by Earth Day Canada, a national Canadian charitable organization.

Educators, in a classroom setting, may reproduce and use all material found on ecokids.ca without permission.

If you are a business, corporation, not-for profit group, governmental group etc. please send your request to use/reprint our material to ecokids@earthday.ca

Under no circumstances can any EcoKids material be used for mercantile purposes without the expressed written permission of Earth Day Canada.

Does EcoKids do presentations at schools?
Due to high-demand, especially around Earth Day, EcoKids staff do not typically deliver presentations at schools. Please contact us at ecokids@earthday.ca for suggested speakers in your area.